COVID-19 Update 8/12/2020

Dear Amazing Grace Family,
After prayerful consideration the elder team has decided to resume services this
coming Sunday (8/16/2020). We believe it was wise to take precautions after experiencing a rise in
COVID-19 cases in our area. However, we also believe in the importance meeting together
to worship our Savior and encourage one another.
We will offer as many options as we can in effort to meet the variety of needs we
are facing. We will continue to offer two services on Sunday morning: 9:00 and 10:45.
We will also continue broadcasting the first service on Facebook, and it will be available
to watch afterwards as well. Our second service has been smaller and allowed for more
spacing, so if you desire the ability to spread out while still worshiping in person, we
recommend this option. We also understand that not everyone is quite ready to return.
Please feel free to utilize the online option if you not yet ready to join the crowd. We
hope that you will still seek out fellowship and serve others through smaller groups and
other means of communication.
We do ask that all would take care to practice social distancing in returning to
service, as there are still active COVID-19 cases in our area. It seems likely that this will
be lingering for a while, and our hope is that these steps will help to minimize the spread
in our community.
Once again, we want to remind you that our Lord and Savior is just as powerful
today as ever before. Please make every effort you can to proclaim the love of Jesus
through actions and words! Reach out to those you have not seen face-to-face, and look
for ways to meet needs for those around you. Remember the challenge to “Pray for 3,
Reach out to 2, and Meet the needs of 1.”
If you need prayer, encouragement, or have any other needs, we as elders desire to hear
from you. Our numbers are all listed below. We will be praying for you all.
In Christ,
The AGBC Elder Team
Dean Tomlinson 913-209-9855 Josh Didier 660-234-8004
Alan Chatfield 319-470-5356 Paul O’Day 217-430-8122
Michael Phillips 660-341-9403 Tim Carman 319-849-1722